Arun Day

The Full Story

Resident House, Tech House, Disco & Techno DJ & Artist for HouseMates 


At 20 years old Arun Day is an upcoming DJ from Scotland.


He often spends time creating mashups/edit and recording mixes.

From a young age Arun always had a passion for electronic music, he would often watch videos online of DJs performing at events all over the world, this influenced him in wanting to pursue this as a career and started his path to becoming a DJ at age 14.


It was at this time he decided to teach himself how to DJ so he bought a very small, very cheap controller from a local supermarket and started to learn the ins and outs of how it all worked, eventually after this he saved up to buy a higher-level controller as his skills grew.

Since 2014, Arun has worked closely with HouseMates, they were a huge aid in teaching Arun all about the art of DJ'ing and the DJ Industry.

His Story Continues Today...


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